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  • Evolution Alcantara
  • Evolution Alcantara
  • Evolution Alcantara
CHF 279.48
Playseat Evolution Alcantara

Rating on Playseat Evolution Alcantara.

User joni.weeks

Not Recommended. you can get much better for a little more money.

So I am setting up a lot of these, if your looking for a seat on a budget then this is great, but if your looking for something sturdy and reliable, with a good build quality then this is not the product for you. When you look close at the materials and the way they are held together on the seat you can tell it is very cheap and poor quality.this product offers a good adjustable set of options from length to height but the knobs that secure the position scratch the metal virtually instantly leaving silver and gray scratches to the black paint. also the center bit that raises for you to put your wheel on only has one knob to secure it in place which means there is a wobble from left to right on it unless your using the cross legs of this piece as your front weight instead of the adjustable feet at the very end where your peddles would go.
if your gaming on this with a console then be warned that not all console wheels and peddle can be screwed into the plates, we had a G29 for PS4 and i was able to mount with only 2 screws instead of 4 on the peddles, and was not able to screw in the wheel at all, i needed to use the provided vice clamps, its doable but if your going to spend all of this money on a setup for racing you at least want your equipment screwed in so that it is somewhat secure.
Like i said, on a budget, it will do the job, but if i were buying again, this would not be a product i would purchase. FYI testing done on x8 of these,

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