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ROG Strix X570-I Gaming (AM4, AMD X570, Mini ITX)
CHF 303.–
ASUS ROG Strix X570-I Gaming (AM4, AMD X570, Mini ITX)

Rating on ASUS ROG Strix X570-I Gaming (AM4, AMD X570, Mini ITX).

User FlamFlamm

Loud and annoying chipset fan. Spend your money elsewhere.

Im currently using this board with a 3900x in an Ncase M1 and im generally very content with this board: good build quality, excellent IO (7 Type A Usb ports, 2 m.2 slots) and good connectivity.
Now the bad:
This motherboard, as many x570 boards, contains active cooling for the VRM and the chipset. The VRM fan is fine, running at 1200 RPM for any kind of workload and barely audible. The chipset fan on the other hand, located right under the m.2 slot, is horrible:
Under light loads (Browsing the internet etc.) the chipset temperature reads 64°C and the fan responds by ramping up to 4000 rpm.
Under medium to heavy loads the Temperature rises to 68° and the fan speeds to 5000+ rpm.
So anytime except right after startup the motherboard emits a high pitched whine (very audible at 4000 rpm, loud and annoying at 5000+ rpm).
The only way to fix this problem is to increase the gpu, cpu and case fan speeds to such a degree that the chipset temperatures rest at below 60° and the fan at 3000 rpm. (Of course after this "fix" your whole system is probably louder than the chipset fan was in the first place)
On their own website they call their design "Cooling innovation" and claim that their fans are "custom low-noise fans"
Would have expected better after spending 300 bucks.
Ok, rant over, have a nice day :)

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User scose

I'm running a very similar setup in an NCASE M1 and I simply unplugged the Chipset-Fan. No issues whatsoever and the chipset being sandwiched with a NVME SSD and a 2080 Strix Super. There is also a modded Bios available which gives you control over the PCH-Fan.

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