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Hygrometer WS1700 weiss
CHF 28.–
ADE Hygrometer WS1700 weiss

Bewertung zu ADE Hygrometer WS1700 weiss.

User jpincog

Easy to read, large numbers. Sleek design. Does the job.

Large screen, easy to read at a distance, but not back-lit so cannot read in low light situations. Nice looking design and finish. The graphic bars are animated, so they are constantly scrolling. This may be bothersome to some. I cannot attest to the accuracy but it is usually within 1 to 3 degrees and percentage when placed next to another similar device. The small circle at the bottom of the display is not a button. It is a warning light which flashes red occasionally if the humidity exceeds the alert threshold. So, at least you could see this warning indicator in the dark.

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