• QcK XXL (wide)
  • QcK XXL (wide)
  • QcK XXL (wide)
CHF 46.80
SteelSeries QcK XXL (wide)

Rating on SteelSeries QcK XXL (wide).

User tristan.leboucq

does the job perfectly

Does the job perfectly. I can put my keyboard, and my mouse, i use a very low sensitivity on my mouse, which means i need to move my mouse a lot on a large surface, and i never felt like my mousepad was too small.

only downside is that it's not stitched on the edges, meaning that it will eventually get worn up on the edges, and the upper surface might unstick.
I don't have any issue to report, since i have it for only 2 months, but i expect that in a 1year, year and a half, i might have to replace it.

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