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XG-C100C 10GB (PCI-E x4)
CHF 89.40
ASUS XG-C100C 10GB (PCI-E x4)

Rating on ASUS XG-C100C 10GB (PCI-E x4).

User fmulinacci
XG-C100C 10GB (PCI-E x4)

Disappointment when used with Cablecom router

The card does NOT work with the Cablecom router, as it is not able to properly negotiate the speed (i.e. the Cablecom router has a port connection of 1Gbit) and ends up downgrading to a 100Mbit speed only. Moreover, even if you force Win10 to NOT autonegotiate the speed and fix the speed at 1 Gbit (i.e. the standard speed of the port of the Cablecom router), after few minutes the card stops working and report the "no connection problem".


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User Anonymous

-device manager select asus network card and uninstall the driver (check delete driver)
- repeat this until system only shows "network card" with no driver found
- install the drivers from the CD
- if it doesn't work then download asus web drivers install/modify
in win7=ok, will try win10 later

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