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  • BF 600 (Android, iOS)
  • BF 600 (Android, iOS)
CHF 54.30
Beurer BF 600 (Android, iOS)

Rating on Beurer BF 600 (Android, iOS).

User Pogozelskis.Vilius
BF 600 (Android, iOS)

Definately, value for your money.

I believe it does the job: I synchronize it via bluetooth with my iPhone7. The application could be better developed: the scale of measurements you cannot change; the measurement of bone mass you have navigate to the record itself to see those details. Also, I would love to transfer data from iPhone7 to my PC. Beurer has a PC application but this device at the moment is not supported. I suppose it could be done via iPhone Health (though I haven't tried it yet). Otherwise, Beurer has many other products (blood pressure, sugar level, room air quality, sport activities /steps, ect/ to use with its App, which might be handy.

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