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  • KD85XH9096 (85", 4K, LCD, 2020)
  • KD85XH9096 (85", 4K, LCD, 2020)
  • KD85XH9096 (85", 4K, LCD, 2020)
CHF 2680.–
Sony KD85XH9096 (85", 4K, LCD, 2020)

Rating on Sony KD85XH9096 (85", 4K, LCD, 2020).

User ramalingam.a

Awesome ! with full array LED and fast response.

Our 85", we are unable to get proper TV lowboard with depth of 50cm and 220 CM breadth
Size of TV Depth * breadth: 45 CM * 190CM.
If possible try out with wall mount.
We used to interchange dining call with living room and we don't want to wall mount it.
Setup manual it is good.

Available accersories :
Power cable,
remote with 2 AAA battery.
Clamp adapter for wall mount.
2 plastic clip for wire module.

No HDMI or other multimedia cable.

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