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  • Shadow Rock Slim (16.10cm)
  • Shadow Rock Slim (16.10cm)
  • Shadow Rock Slim (16.10cm)
CHF 52.90
be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim (16.10cm)

Rating on be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim (16.10cm).

User dacian_herbei
Shadow Rock Slim (16.10cm)

awesome but be aware of the size

I'm only giving 4 stars because it is so tall that it hardly fit into my case. I also give it 4 stars because I had to polish it a bit otherwise it was pushing the memory bars.
I bought two and they cool two xeon e5 2687w II rated at about 150W each.
The fan is really quiet but compared with the liquid cooling I had before I would suggest that is better with liquid cooling.
Why I say that? It is because the hot air has to be removed from the case so you pay in terms of sound twice with such CPU coolers.
One time for the fan of the CPU cooler and second for the fan that takes out the air from the case.
To be honest if it wouldn't be the price I would cool every PC with liquid or make the exhaust like dell does it so that the fan that clears the CPU heat pushes outside case also but because all cases are made to fit all fans you have to make your own solution... which is not an option for everyone plus if you buy the pc as a whole you might void the warranty.


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