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NV1 (2000 GB, M.2 2280)
Kingston NV1 (2000 GB, M.2 2280)


5 months ago



5 out of 5 stars

Very good SSD for laptops

This Kingston NV1 2TB SSD drive is quite good and fast.
Compared to the Crucial P2 2TB, strangely the Crystal Disk Mark results are lower (and sometimes even down to 350MB/s), however the drive works much better in real usage
on a laptop. It makes a Dell Inspiron 7306 laptop boot in 13 seconds every time instead of 1/3 of the time up to 55 seconds with the Crucial P2, with the same image, for any reason!

Hence I strongly recommend it over the Crucial P2 due to this. I am very satisfied with it.

The speeds are the following, when tested on a Dell Inspiron 7306 laptop:
Specifications : 2100 / 1700 MB/s R/W.
Crystal Disk Mark (8Q): 2193 / 1690 MB/s R/W.
Manual transfer: 1350 / 1558 MB/s R/W.
IOPS: 117'000 (Crystal Disk Mark on Dell Inspiron 7306 laptop)
TBW: 480 TBW (specs)

We see that the specifications are met.

Also it is faster in manual file copy than the Crucial P2:
Kingston NV1 2TB : 1350 / 1558 MB/s R/W.
Crucial P2 2TB : 907 / 1030 MB/s R/W.

It heats less than the Crucial P2, with 5°C less, for the same full test of Crystal Disk Mark.

The power consumption is about 0.12W more than the Crucial P2 in idle mode, but in activity it heats much less and consumes less too.

I recommend it for any usage and especially for laptops.



  • Very compatible with Dell laptops
  • Quite fast with 2200 / 1700 MB/s RW speeds (8 queues)
  • Quite fast access with 117'000 IOPS or more