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Sanus WSSE32-W2 (1 pair, Stand, Not movable)
157.– CHF

Sanus WSSE32-W2

1 pair, Stand, Not movable


2 months ago
purchased this product

Great product, buying recommended

Great product!

Looks really sleek, was amazingly easy to build up (I have literally never seen such well-packed screws and other parts, all well-labelled for easy set-up) and is at exactly the right hight. I definitely recommend
this product. 


  • Looks good
  • Amazingly easy to build up; compliments for the people who created the manual
  • Except for the thin paint layer which easily got scratched, seems to be a quality product
  • Good hight


  • The white cover layer is easily scratched (already happened during set-up)

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