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Complete C3 Parquet Plus PowerLine
Miele Complete C3 Parquet Plus PowerLine


2 years ago
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5 out of 5 stars

Feel the power

We bought 3 vacuum over 10 years. A cheap one which worked nice but was screaming loud. An industrial one from a reputable yellow brand, which was powerful but always tipped and finally became super noisy, and least but not last, a relatively expensive one from a Japanese brand supposed to fix and previous defaults... but was so weak it was useless... and then stopped after 15mn work, overheat! So we decided to take the best class we can find to finally get something efficient, silent and durable. My Grandmother always has Miele vaccum and now I can understand why she did. And why you have to pay a premium. The motor starts slowly because it has a huge power momentum. Clearly you can hear that this electric motor is above all others. Or sucks endlessly. The built quality and plastics are also better. So far it seems that was the right move we should have done since long ago... you forget the price, you remember the quality. 


  • Motor seems unstoppable
  • Plastics quality
  • Compact size
  • Silent
  • Seems built to last
  • Cable roll spring pulls strong and lock nice


  • Price
  • Wire cable seems as weak as other brands