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CHF 167.–instead of 187.–1
SodaStream Cyberpack

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24 answered questions about SodaStream Cyberpack

User tilldudda
User Leachim54
User Anonymous
Accepted answer

Bei meinem Cyberpack waren 2 Zylinder dabei.

User Felixuss

Wie gross ist die Höhe des SodaStream Cyberpack aufgestellt in der Küche?

2 answers
User Sommerhp
Accepted answer

Etwa 54 cm

User Anonymous
User feb_de_mort
Accepted answer

You get 2 cylinders in the package.
Once a cylinder is empty, you can refill/exchange it in numerous places (majority of COOP, Migros, etc.): sodastream.ch/store-locator...
Those refills do cost extra. I haven't yet had to refill mine, so I don't know the exact price, but the web-site states CHF 17.90.