We proudly present our B2B Project Specialist team: friendly help for our business customers who need quotes
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We proudly present our B2B Project Specialist team: friendly help for our business customers who need quotes

Cindy has ordered several thousand bottles of sunscreen at once. Another time, she and her colleagues planned a major IT rollout. Her job: B2B Project Specialist at Digitec Galaxus. In this interview, the 27-year-old talks about her varied daily routine in the world of business customers.

Digitec Galaxus has over 160,000 business customers. A team of eight takes care of the inquiries and requests of B2B customers. Cindy Zillmann works for us as a B2B Project Specialist. She takes care of bulk orders for our business customers, negotiates special prices with manufacturers and prepares suitable quotes for them.

Cindy, how did you end up at Digitec Galaxus?

I applied to Digitec Galaxus twice. The first time, I dropped out because I decided the position wasn't for me. A few months later, I came across an advertised position as a B2C call centre agent that fit better, so I applied again. It worked out great for both sides, and I started at Digitec Galaxus in Zurich in February 2021 after all. After a stint in B2B customer service, I applied internally as a B2B Project Specialist. I remember thinking at the time, «This is my chance to further my career!» Luckily, I got the job and have now been part of the team since November 2022

What does a B2B Project Specialist do?

Our eight-person team receives all order requests from business customers. Based on these, we search for the best possible product options, negotiate special prices with manufacturers and prepare the final quotes. For example, one of our customers asked us for a large workplace project. We were then able to deliver almost 1,000 notebooks with service packages including staging and bundling. Companies are also increasingly taking advantage of our leasing offers, as depending on the company, these may be financially more attractive than buying hardware. We can also advise on this.

What challenges do you face in your day-to-day work?

There are quite a few (laughs). What I really like about my job is the wide variety of customers. It’s also a challenge at the same time. There’s no such thing as a typical customer or a typical quote request. We’ve already sent out quotes for several thousand bottles of sunscreen or planned a procurement project in the mobile sector involving several hundred iPads and Apple Watches. From small SMEs to international corporations, public companies, associations or educational institutions which, by the way,benefit from special prices – we deal with all types of companies and organisations. Anyone who thinks B2B is boring has never worked for us!

And then, of course, there are the classic challenges such as supply limitations, chip shortages, or products that are no longer manufactured.

What skills does it take to be successful in your position?

The customer is at the centre of everything we do. So a strong customer focus is the be-all and end-all of my work. You also need to be organised and work in a very structured way. This is the only way you won't lose track, despite numerous requests from different stakeholders.

Finally, how exactly does the classic ordering process for a business customer work?

It’s done in a very classic way. When a customer contacts us, we first conduct a needs analysis to clarify open questions. The more concrete the initial request, the faster the process moves on. Once all the information is available, we contact potential suppliers or manufacturers and negotiate the best possible price and prepare a quote. If the customer agrees with the quote, the order is triggered immediately. Our customers can find more information about our quote process here.

Cindy, thank you very much for the interesting interview.

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As a Sales Engineer by training, I am passionate about connecting the worlds of technology and business. Apart from that, I share a particular fondness for the dystopian film series "Matrix", in which machines have gained control and people are held captive in a simulated environment. In contrast, I see my work at Galaxus as a living utopia. Here, we see ourselves as the most honest and informative online shop, which has a positive effect on our culture and work, both internally and with customers. (Technological) progress therefore goes very well with honesty, because here the focus is clearly on conscious consumption & honest exchange about technologies and in business with customers. 

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