Two tables, one editor: reviewing the DXRacer and L33T gaming desks

Two tables, one editor: reviewing the DXRacer and L33T gaming desks

Martin Jud
Zurich, on 04.08.2020
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
Two identical tables with different logos, electronically adjustable height settings and a huge mouse mat that covers the entire surface. The price to technology ratio good. But as always, there's a catch.

With their affordable, easily-adjustable gaming tables, L33T and DXRacer have not only brought the same idea to the market, but almost exactly the same product. If there weren't brand logos printed on the mouse mat and the legs, I'd hardly be able to tell which table belongs to which company. Only the shape of the carbon MDF boards differs at the front. Apart from that, everything is exactly the same. Same legs, same controls, same cup holders and so on.

But what about availability, value for money and pricing?

Gaming tables
DXRacer 40185SW3

The first-class gaming tables from DXRacer make gaming hearts beat faster. With stylish, sporty designs and maximum functionality, they ensure an optimal gaming experience.

Gaming tables
Tournament Pro V2
L33T Tournament Pro V2

This top class gaming table has a cup holder and a waterproof mouse pad for very fast movements, which covers the entire table surface and provides a solid base.

I'm starting to think both companies are using the same factory. Maybe they even met the same salesman at the same trade fair somewhere in the Far East. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. If two buyers from different brands include the same product in their range, it could be a sign of quality.

The two tables offer the following:

  • Dimensions (length, width, height, weight): 140×66×73 cm, 34 kg (40.5 kg with packaging)
  • Height adjustable: electronic, up to 123 cm
  • Max. load capacity: 80 kg
  • Materials: metal, plastic and wood (MDF)
  • Additional information: water-resistant mousepad surface, cable management device, cup holder, headphone holder

Assembly: this table requires money and effort

You can't just easily unpack, set up and get things started. Both tables are delivered in individual parts and first need to be assembled. With some finesse and effort, this is quite simple and takes about 45 minutes per table.

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Only the mounting of the table top, which by the way consists of three MDF boards screwed together, is a bit complicated if you follow the instructions. You're supposed to lift them onto the table legs and screw them on, which is challenging due to the adjustable drill holes and legs. Alone, you'll probably only be able to manage by assembling the entire contraption on a thick carpet.

The good thing about self-assembly is that you can decide for yourself which side of the front to mount the cup holder on. You can only mount the height-adjustment controls on the right side of the L33T. With the DXRacer table, both sides are pre-drilled accordingly.

Design and functions: up and down

Before we continue, here comes the appropriate musical background:

The MDF boards look good thanks to the carbon fibre design. But only as long as they're not screwed together. I'd much prefer a unitary tabletop. This would also improve stability. Especially the third small plate, which offers more space for a screen at the end of the table, bothers me. But no matter, the huge black water-repellent mouse mat in table top form covers everything anyway. With L33T, it has a white border with design elements and lettering. DXRacer features a black mat with a red edge and a more discreet lettering.

A perfectly fitting giant mouse mat.
A perfectly fitting giant mouse mat.

The two metal table legs have four plastic supports which can be adjusted in height by turning them. Thus the table can be adapted to uneven ground. The surface can be easily adjusted to the desired height at the touch of a button.

Up and down
Up and down

There's also a memory function for two positions. One sitting and one standing height. Or one that prevents your screen cable from unplugging. It happened to me during testing. The desktop motor strained the cable so much that its DisplayPort plug broke off the PC. It's my fault. Next time I'll switch on my brain and use a suitable cable length from the start.

For cable management, the tables offer two cable outlets and a cable tray. A headset can be attached to the metal hook provided. The cup holder is handy – I'd like to see more of them.

Sitting and standing while gaming

Gaming while standing? I don't think so. No, I can't do it. Working standing up is good and certainly not unhealthy. Only one thing annoys me in my home office: the mouse mat. I dare you to write on a single piece of paper without punching holes in it thanks to the soft base. Sorry, but I'm not ready for a paperless office.

For gaming, the large mouse mat doesn't really provide any added value over my older but immensely smaller Sharkoon mat. The table mat is a surface protector and design element in one. It simply covers the grooves between the screwed together MDF boards.

Conclusion: a solid gaming table, BUT...

Yes, thank you. It's really ingenious, other tables which can be adjusted in height at the push of a button aren't this affordable. However, these other tables, which don't belong to the realm of gaming desks or gaming tables, usually have a larger table top that isn't made of MDF or screwed together.

Most gamers will probably not need electronic height adjustment in most cases. Sitting and playing is more comfortable and easier. If I only gamed at home, I'd use a more affordable model without electronics.

I am satisfied with the product itself. Both tables work the way a table should work. They do what the manufacturer promises.

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Martin Jud
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