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The world is not enough: How to create a fully automated warehouse in 12 months

Manuel Wenk
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180,000 storage spaces for products, 18 new workstations and a construction period of around one year. That's how the new "Twine" warehouse can be described in one sentence. I accompanied the construction work with my camera.

The world is not enough. At least in the world of Digitec Galaxus, where warehouses are bursting at the seams. To cope with the growth, "Twine" was built in 12 months. "A fully automated warehouse that makes us fit for the future," says project manager Philippe Marty. In keeping with the spirit of Digitec Galaxus, Twine stands for "The world is not enough". In one to two years, the warehouse will be too small again. A new one is already being planned.

In the video, you can see how Philippe and his team made a significant article to open the warehouse on time - even two weeks earlier than planned due to coronavirus.

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