Spring Cups: Fancy entering a «PUBG»- tournament?
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Spring Cups: Fancy entering a «PUBG»- tournament?

Kevin Hofer
Zurich, on 09.03.2018
Translation: Eva Francis
2017 was the year of PUBG. Having beaten out all-time favourites, the game is currently at the top of the Steam charts. Here’s your chance to join the PUBG Spring Cups.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the MMO shooter of the game developer Bluehole. The aim of this battle royale game is to be the last survivor – or the last duo or squad – on an island.

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No one was expecting the huge success of PUBG. Available as Steam Early Access on 23 March 2017, it made 11 million US dollars within only six days. By September 2017, more than 10 million units had been sold. Considering this success, it’s no surprise that PUBG is an integral part of the e-Sports scene today. Want to prove your skills at the Spring Cups? The winner doesn't get a chicken dinner (unless you buy it yourself), but cool Logitech G gear.

Logitech and mYinsanity are looking for the best solo, duo and squad players from within the digitec community – based on a three-day tournament¬. The three cups are independent of each other. If you aren’t able to participate on one of the dates or if you only want to take part in one of the cups, no problem. You can’t be there, but want to watch live? Do so via Twitch. The guys from mYinsanity are setting up a studio especially for the cups. Alternatively, you can follow the live ticker on Twitter.


To sign up your solo, duo or squad team, click on the according date. * 17 March Solo Cup; begins: 12:00 * 24 March Duo Cup; begins: 12:00 * 25 March Squad Cup; begins 12:00

Game mode

Each cup is played over four rounds on two maps in the following order: Miramar, Erangel, Miramar, Erangel. Each player/team receives points at the end of each round based on their rank. There are additional points for each kill. The player/team with the most points at the end of the four rounds wins the cup.

More information

If you have questions regarding the cup or if you’re looking for teammates, check out Discord. For detailed rules, consult the rule book .

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