Sonos multiroom bundles – wanna dance in the shower?
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Sonos multiroom bundles – wanna dance in the shower?

created on 27.03.2018
Multiroom – music in several rooms. Why not in the bathroom? Because you always need at least two devices for a multiroom system, we’re offering you Sonos bundles at a special price. From the beginner bundles to the expert sets, there’s something for everyone. Plus: The more speakers, the better the sound.

Sonos speakers produce great sound and are easy to set up. Once set up, the speakers work without causing any problems – automatic updates and app control included. With open interfaces to streaming services, you can get even better sound in your home.

The entry-level bundle

The «Ones» come with built-in microphone, allowing you to speak to your loudspeakers from anywhere you are – even from the shower. At least in theory. Unfortunately, voice control is not yet supported in Switzerland. As soon as it is, you’ll be able to give Amazon's «Alexa» or Google's nameless assistant commands from wherever you are. The manufacturer has promised to make the service available in Switzerland very soon.

Here’s a bundle with floorstands.

Bundles without microphone

The Sonos «Play:1» speaker is the previous version of the Sonos One. It’s not equipped with a microphone, but has all the other features of the Sonos One.


If you already have Sonos One speakers or if you don't want any, these two bundles might be for you. The bundle includes two Play:1 speakers and a subwoofer or a playbar. The subwoofer provides the bass and can be placed vertically or horizontally. The playbar provides your TV with rich, room-filling sound, but also streams music from your mobile devices.

5.1 The home cinema bundles

Check out these 5.1 home cinema bundles with two speakers, a subwoofer and a playbar. The difference in the two bundles is the two rear speaker in the 5.1 system: the last bundle includes the «Play:3» speaker. It has three integrated loudspeakers and three digital amplifiers.

One 5.1 Bundle 2x One weiss + Sub weiss + Playbar (Black, White)
Multiroom systems
SONOS One 5.1 Bundle 2x One weiss + Sub weiss + Playbar (Black, White)

The home cinema pro bundle

This pro bundle provides outstanding sound – but it comes at a price. It also includes two speakers, a subwoofer and a playbar. The bundle contains the «Play:5» speaker with six amplifiers and «Trueplay». Trueplay by Sonos analyses your room size and makes sure you get the best sound quality no matter where you are in the room.

The «Play:5» is also available in a bundle with two floorstands.

You can’t get enough of bundles? Check out all our Sonos bundles.

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