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Samsung Galaxy S10: so this is what the new notch-free design looks like. Or maybe not.

A new patent could reveal the final design of the Samsung Galaxy S10. It doesn’t have to disclose the shape, but it’s a strong indication of how the S10 might look.

Samsung keeps its cards close to its chest when it’s due to launch a new phone. Nevertheless, intrepid reporters claim to know what Samsung’s new portable device with an image capture function will look – thanks to user Joestew77 for this great term from the comments section (in German). The Dutch guys at LetsGoDigital magazine are making a name for themselves by trawling through patents and patent applications to uncover the designs of new phones.

The same is true of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and the larger S10+. Or, rather, we have a suggestion of what it could look like.

Infinity-O as a gateway to all-glass screens

Before the analysis comes the image. This is what the new Galaxy S10 looks like. Maybe. Probably. Or not.

Is this the new Samsung Galaxy S10?

The lack of notch is particularly noteworthy. Samsung has never got in on the act, but the notch – a recess in the top of the screen which houses the camera and speaker – is something you expect on phones with an all-screen front. There is a small cut-out for the front camera, but rather than a design element, it’s just a round hole in the display. It looks adventurous, but it has to be optimised for the software just as the notch does.

The display stretches from edge to edge, from top to bottom and left to right. It’s a clear indication of the way things are going: one day soon, smartphones will just be a sheet of glass, ideally without any cut-outs or notches. This makes the square with rounded corners pretty boring from a design perspective – it only took me a minute to reproduce the blue image above in Illustrator – but it maximises the space for media consumption and interacting with technology. That’s what it’s all about when you’re using the device.

Samsung and the concept behind the concepts

When we talk about the future of smartphones, especially Samsung models, it’s worth taking a look at the concept behind concept renderings and patents. Samsung is an enthusiastic patent submitter.

Samsung applies for all kinds of patents, for screens, phones, cases and more. Because if it doesn’t, maybe LG or Google will. The shape of a phone, even though they look extremely similar, is a controversial topic. Apple even holds two patents claiming the exclusive right to use the square shape. The patents are filed under USD670286 and USD627777.

As a result, hardware manufacturers are extremely keen to patent even the vaguest of concepts. This makes aspects like the radius of a corner – 30 px on the blue image above – extremely exciting, with the potential to make billions and blow away the competition.

This is why Samsung struck preemptively and applied to patent virtually every design idea that the designer had come up with.

A shape factor wasn’t the only thing that was patented.

Samsung has called the design language of the speculative S10 in this article Infinity-O. At the latest Developer Conference, the South Korean company introduced its take on the notch concept. This includes concepts such as Infinity-U, Infinity-V and, by far the most exciting, New Infinity: a concept without any recesses in the screen.

But what about reality?

So, are we clued-up now? Do we know for certain what the S10 will look like? No. Samsung is staying as tight-lipped as ever. Even leakers such as Evan Blass and Ice Universe are keeping things under wraps or giving vague details, although this could be for marketing reasons.

The fact is that we have hints of what Samsung has in store. Is it confirmation of the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+? No. But Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh did tell the Chinese media that the S10 series has undergone a radical redesign.

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User Spl4tt

Haha, schön haste Joestew77s Begriff vom anderen Artikel benutzt, musste dort schon lachen

Ich hoffe mal die Kamera wird nicht links oder rechts sein, sondern mittig, wo ja nie Notifications oder Status Symbole stehen. Ein Kamera Loch alleine wäre aber schon viel besser als die dummen Notches.

User joestew77

Yay!^^ "Komm' ich jetzt im Fernsehen?" wie Herbert Görgens gespielt von Ingolf Lück sagen würde.

Ich will mein Fon immer noch notchless und erst recht holeless, und am besten mit Android One oder besser noch mit nativem Android. Sorry Samsung, wird wohl auch mit dem S10 nichts.

User Dominik Bärlocher


User Quickbooks Online Support

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User Mustang_SVT

Samsung würde sich besser mal daran machen all ihre Bloatware rauszulöschen.
Nur das Design wirds ja sowieso dann bald von den meisten Herstellern geben.

User Joggeli777

Das sehe ich auch so. Randlos - und wer gerne eine Schutzhülle hätte, die wirklich schützt?
Lieber ein starker, wechselbarer Akku und freie Wahl, welche Apps auf dem Gerät installiert sein sollen!

User MikoGee

"der Notch" klingt einfach nur grauslig, könnt Ihr die nicht wie jeder andere auch "die Notch" nennen?

User Philfreeze

Wie wäre es mit „die Lücke“ oder „die Kluft“? xD

User Dominik Bärlocher


User R3lay

Irgendwo hat einer immer die Speed anstatt der Speed geschrieben. Abscheulich.

User MikoGee

Vielleicht hatte derjenige zuviel von "das Speed" ;)

User SandroBierschock

ich hoffe, es kommt wirklich ohne Notch. Das sieht einfach nur Scheisse aus :D Cool, dass Samsung das bisher noch nicht nachgemacht hat. Sonst wird immer alles gleich kopiert.

User lil_brains

Wieso regen sich alle über die Notch auf?
Wer es nicht will kann das Display neben der Notch ja schwarz machen, würde bei Samsung nicht mal mehr gross auffallen, da ja bei einem Amoled Display die Pixel wirklich ausschalten.

User Xuxo1713

"die Einbuchtung oben am Bildschirm, wo Kamera und Lautsprecher untergebracht sind" wo ist dann der Lautsprecher jetzt untergebracht...?🤔

User A_B_C_D

Wie wissen, dass wir NICHTS wissen ... ... ... bis es veröffentlich wird ;-) Keep Cool Boys

User Anonymous

Wow, ein ganzer Bericht um zu lesen, dass wir nicht wissen wie das S10 aussehen wird... looow claaaap... -.-