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Product Sans on Huawei: new fonts for Emui 8

Huawei’s user interface, Emui, is something of a marmite subject. But what is practical about it is that it offers a gateway for customising your device. For instance, you can switch the system font on Huawei and Honor phones in a few simple steps.

The Product Sans fonts have been a resounding success for Google. The typefaces are modern, elegant, easy to read and optimised for smaller screens. Basically, the font is ideal for your Android phone.

Product Sans in action. Google uses a slightly modified version of this called Google Sans in its logo

On Huawei phones it’s really easy to replace the standard Huawei font with another one. To do that you need:

Install HiSuite and Fastboot on your computer and then we can get started. I prepared this guide on a Huawei P20 Pro that has Nova Launcher installed on it. But I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work on an Honor.

Schönere Icons für <strong>Huawei EMUI</strong>
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Schönere Icons für Huawei EMUI

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Nova Launcher: Die besten fünf Stutz, die du je für dein Handy ausgeben wirst

Put your phone on developer mode

You’ll need to be able to communicate with your phone via the console on your PC to make sure everything works. You also need to enable this communication on your phone by activating the developer options.

  1. Go into Settings on your phone.
  2. Navigate to the menu option About Phone.
  3. Click quickly five times on build number.
  4. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a notification saying «You are now a developer».

The About Phone screen

If you’ve done everything right, you should be able to activate USB debugging. This is the option that lets your PC and phone communicate with each other.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. System
  3. Developer Options
  4. Activate USB Debugging

Important: at the end of this whole exercise you need to go back and deactivate USB debugging again. This is for safety reasons, as the USB port can be used as a gateway to your smartphone.

There’s something hacker-like about the console

Every PC comes with an incredibly useful tool that your average user overlooks. What am I talking about? The console, of course, but you may know it as the CMD or command prompt. Essentially, it’s a black screen with white text on it. And yes, it does look a bit like in the films.

  1. Click on the Windows button, which is normally on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Type the letters cmd.
  3. Right click on the dot that pops up above.
  4. Select Run as Administrator.

This is where you can now interact easily with your phone at programmer level.

  1. Connect your phone to the PC with a USB cable.
  2. Unlock the phone and select the data transfer option when the phone asks.
  3. HiSuite should then appear. Close the programme again, as we only used it to install the driver.
  4. Type the following into the console. This will let us see if we’ve managed to set up communication between the phone and the PC.

If everything has worked thus far, the phone and PC should be able to communicate

adb devices

A string should pop up that is describes a line of characters as «device». Once that happens we’re officially ready to go.

Activating the typefaces

For some unexplained reason, Huawei has built an option into Emui for changing the font but not made it visible. Don’t fret. We can use ADB so the option displays again. Just input this sequence into the console window and press enter:

adb shell settings put system hw_hide_font_style false

«hw_hide_font_style» is the attribute that defines the «Font style» option under «Huawei» as «hidden». Right now this is set to «true», in other words «yes, please keep this hidden». But we can use the command to set this to «false» and make it visible. To ensure the change is implemented, we need to restart the phone again quickly. Seeing as though we’re already in command prompt, we can do it this way:

adb reboot

Now let’s give the phone fonts.

This new territory needs new fonts

Huawei’s Emui makes a lot of strange things and it’s less jarring than it once was. And they’ve now given us a range of themes with a Chinese aesthetic. We let this work in our favour and use it to create our own theme and set it to the phone.

This is what a theme file looks like. The good news is you don’t necessarily need to be au fait with this because a resourceful user on the DIY android platform xda developers has provided a myriad of fonts for download.

 ├── fonts/  
 │   ├── font.ttf
 │   └── pic_font_default.jpg
 ├── preview/
 │   ├── cover.jpg
 │   ├── preview_fonts_0.jpg
 │   └── preview_unlock_0.jpg
 ├── description.xml
 ├── framework-res
 └── icons

Of course, we could build our own. And we might well have done were it not for the fact xda-developer and user venom007 had already crammed a lot of the most highly coveted typefaces into a nice pack you can download. Here’s how to get your hands on the font you like:

  1. Download a typeface from this thread.
  2. Change the file format from .zip to .hwt.
  3. Click «Yes» when you’re asked if you really want to change the file type.
  4. Open your phone’s internal memory in Windows Explorer.
  5. Copy the .hwt file into the Huawei/themes folder.
  6. Send the phone another adb reboot from the console or restart the phone.

Now for the final bit of the spell

From here on in it’s plain sailing. Go to Settings. Under Display you’ll find the font you’ve just installed. Activate it and then boom, it’s done.

Here’s the exciting thing. It’s not just Product Sans that Venom007 has made available online. He has also put up a load of other typefaces for you to choose from, including Apple’s font called San Francisco.

That’s it, folks. Let me know how you get on styling the new look for Emui.

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User rams_arto

Geht auch Comic Sans?

User miklagard

Die bessere Frage ist ob es auch mit Windings klappt?

User Dominik Bärlocher

Comic Sans. Geht problemlos. Und so lange du eine TTF von Wingdings hast, dann kannst du easy die TTF im Archiv ersetzen und dein Phone redet nachher Wingdings.

User branko79

Geht viel einfacher wie im xda thread geschrieben...

User LoboThirteen

Lieber Dominik :-) HIIIIILLLLLFFFFFFFEEEEEEE!! adb devices schlägt fehl bei mir :-( Woran kann dies wohl liegen?

User Dominik Bärlocher

Das kann einige Gründe haben

* Treiber für das Phone nicht auf dem PC installiert --> HiSuite installieren
* Phone nicht entsperrt
* USB Debugging nicht aktiviert
* CMD läuft nicht als Administrator

Ich hoffe, das hilft.

User LoboThirteen

Nope, das hilft leider nicht...

* HiSuite ist schon lange installiert
* Phone wurde extra im Gerätemanager deinstalliert, neuinstalliert und auf neuste Treiber
* USB Debugging ist selbstverständlich aktiviert, da ich die Entwickleroptionen schon ein paar Jahre
* CMD wurde selbstverständlich als Admin ausgeführt, denn wenn ich einer einfachen Anleitung nicht
folgen könnte dann müsste ich mich jetzt ganz tief im Wald verstecken um mich zu schämen :D

User LoboThirteen

Zu wenig Zeichen verfügbar...

Ich wende mich doch nicht mit einem langweiligen Problem an dich! Nein nein, da muss es schon ein wenig spannender und fordernder sein! :D

User LoboThirteen

* PC wurde über Entwickleroptionen -> Autorisierung zur USB Debugging aufheben -> neuverbinden
gezwungen das Gerät zu erkennen
*Zip Endung muss ich im Handy selber mittels File Commander (andere Dateimanager funzen vllcht
auch) in hwt ändern da dies auf dem PC nicht geht
*CMD funzt für den adb befehl immer noch nicht, man muss dafür Minimal ADB and Fastboot
benutzen (würde ich in deiner ansonsten echt tollen Anleitung ändern)
Benutztes Phone: Huawei P10 Plus

User gm5star

@LoboThirteen, ja das hat der Dominik in der Tat etwas unglücklich beschrieben. Natürlich musst du Minimal ADB and Fastboot starten, was den command promt mit den korrekten Parameter ausführt.

User BattleHunter93

Leider zeigt es die "nicht-englischen Zeichen" nicht korrekt an. Z.b. bleiben das kleine ö, ü und ä in der alten Schriftart, was kann man dagegen machen?

User Dominik Bärlocher

Das hängt von der TTF-Datei im HWT-Paket ab. Venom007s Product Sans läuft problemlos, selbst mit den seltsamsten Sonderzeichen. Wenn du überprüfen willst, ob die Font alle Zeichen hat, dann öffne die TTF-Datei im HWT-Archiv und dann siehst du das schnell.

User BattleHunter93

Bei mir weniger, besonders die, die ich brauche.

User Liliane87

Was ist wenn ich einen iMac und ein Huawei P20 Pro habe? Wie bekomme ich das dann hin?

User Liliane87

Was wenn ich ein iMac und ein Huawei P20 Pro habe, wie bekomme ich das dann hin?