Finished with fixed network: Greenland will soon have only mobile telephony
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Finished with fixed network: Greenland will soon have only mobile telephony

Martin Jungfer
Zurich, on 01.02.2022

Landline calls can only be made in Greenland until the end of the year. The sole telecom provider intends to support the technology until December 2022 at the latest, before it is switched off thereafter.

"Saying Goodbye to Landlines" - that's what it says in large letters on the website of Tussas, the Greenlandic telecom company. Since 2021, the monopolist on the huge island, which politically belongs to Denmark, has begun to convert fixed-network subscriptions into mobile subscriptions. By the end of 2022 at the latest, all lines that still exist today are to have been transferred. The fixed network is outdated and there are hardly any spare parts left, the company explains. No further details are given as to what these spare parts are. Nor does it say how telecommunications companies in other countries that still have fixed networks can obtain spare parts.

Tussas, which is state-owned, does not say how many of the 56,000 inhabitants still have a fixed network connection. However, the number is probably still relatively high, because mobile phone subscriptions in Greenland are not exactly cheap. A monthly subscription costs 499 Danish kroner (DKK), the equivalent of just under 70 francs or euros. But at least it includes a flat rate for calls and text messages within Greenland and to 23 European countries as well as Canada and the USA. The 20 gigabytes of data volume are also fair.

The fact that the monopolist does not allow users to transfer their phone numbers is likely to cause trouble. This means that users who switch from fixed-network to mobile communications have to remember a new phone number.

Landline or mobile only?

How do you make phone calls?

  • I have both - landline and cell phone.
  • I still have a landline. I think. So no one has called there for a long time ...
  • Pff, I'm already further along than the Greenlanders. Only mobile with me.
  • For me, everything runs via my cell phone. And even with digitec connect! That's great, isn't it?

The competition has ended.

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