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digitec investigative: Drama surrounding Swisscom antenna in Winterthur

Simon Balissat
Translation: machine translated
Cutter: Manuel Wenk

900 Swisscom customers in Winterthur will soon be without a 4G network. The owner has cancelled the rental contract for an antenna on his building in the Neuwiesen district. Now the population is speaking out.

How much is too much? In the Tagesanzeiger there is talk of a mobile phone black hole. A local resident is outraged by the telecoms giant's plans. An entire neighbourhood soon to be cut off from the network? Telephoning and surfing will no longer work from today. A case for the investigative team. Reporter Simon Balissat and cameraman Manuel Wenk uncover the story. How bad is the reception really?

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writes, an extension was agreed with the owners of the property at the last minute. The investigative team is staying on the case.

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