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digitec does some old-school gaming with «Nintendo World Cup»

While the world cup is unfolding on Russian soil, we decided to dig up the only true football «simulation» ever made: «Nintendo World Cup» for NES. Our live stream starts at around 11:15 a.m.

You think football’s a game for wimps? The Ronaldos, Neymars and Messis of this world, who prance around the pitch like show ponies and collapse into a ball of pain at the slightest touch, get on your nerves? Then it’s high time to take a trip down memory lane. Let’s go back to the legendary world cup that was Italia 90 and back to «Nintendo World Cup», where players really got stuck into the game. No prancing, no time wasting and above all, no dives. Anyone lying on the ground in «Nintendo World Cup» was either seriously body-checked or literally kicked up the backside with a ball flying at full speed. While today’s world is complaining about artificial turf, you had to worry about tripping over stones back in the olden days when the struggle was real.

With a decent kick of the ball, you can even eliminate opponents.

Although the graphics may not be on par with «Fifa 19», the stocky 8-bit players still manage to exude a menacing charm. And then there’s the soundtrack. There are only five players on each team. But their cojones are big enough to make up for the rest. What’s more, there are only 13 teams in total. The remaining eleven that made it to Italy just didn’t have enough room on the game cartridge. Back then, the law of survival of the fittest would already kick in during programming. If you could do with a blast from the past to gain a bit of distance from the current world cup of divas, check out our stream or – even better – play the game on NES yourself.

We’re playing on this thing as you should.


Philipp Rüegg, Zurich

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Being the game and gadget geek that I am, working at digitec and Galaxus makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop – but it does take its toll on my wallet. I enjoy tinkering with my PC in Tim Taylor fashion and talking about games on my podcast . To satisfy my need for speed, I get on my full suspension mountain bike and set out to find some nice trails. My thirst for culture is quenched by deep conversations over a couple of cold ones at the mostly frustrating games of FC Winterthur.


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User Cannaprn

Bestes Fussballspiel ever. Wo ist nur die rohe Gewalt hin in den neuen Spielen^^

User Saccara

Bin genau deiner Meinung. Frag ich mich auch. Auch legendär ist ist dieses Eishockey Spiel:!

User Buford2020

Legendäres Spiel, alleine schon wegen der Auswahl an Spielflächen. Wenn man mal auf Eis zockt, dann ist das schon etwas anderes!!

User sersery88

Redcard von 2003 war auch der Burner. Schade gibt es kein Remake.

User SL33V3

LEGENDARY... Genau dieses Game war mein Startschuss in die Spielewelt! ^^

User Frederik0

Erinner mich noch an das selbe auf dem Game Boy, legendäre Pokalübergabe!

User Karaviro

Geili kreativi Idee für Digitec, Hut ab, Digitec chas sich glücklich schätze so kreativi Chöpf i de Firma zha.
Ha das Spiel mit mine zwoi chlinere Halbschwöstere damals gfiiret.

User nks0ne

Leider ist dieses Game nicht auf dem NES mini.

User veust

INCROYABLE que de souvenir, mon premier jeu de foot