Boston Dynamics presents new Atlas robot
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Boston Dynamics presents new Atlas robot

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After more than ten years, the most impressive humanoid robot to date, Atlas, is replaced by a new version - one with superhuman abilities.

Boston Dynamics is retiring the Atlas, which is over ten years old, to make way for a new version. Instead of hydraulic motors and hoses, the new robot has electric drives that make it quieter, among other things. In a first video, the new Atlas is shown with superhuman agility.

Boston Dynamics explains about the video: "Atlas will move in ways that exceed human capabilities."

Boston Dynamics has not yet revealed any technical details, but points out that the electric version of Atlas is stronger and has greater manoeuvrability. The company wants to use Atlas to explore the potential of the humanoid form factor. To test and further develop Atlas applications, it will be working with a small group of customers over the coming years. First and foremost with the main shareholder and majority owner Hyundai.

The robotics company honoured the old Atlas with a farewell video this week. One that not only shows beautiful moments, but also burst pipes and liquids that resemble human blood when they spill out.

Header image: Boston Dynamics

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