Asus VS228H – a good monitor

David Lee
Zurich, on 29.12.2021
Pictures: David Lee

Some things are just good. No ifs and buts. The Asus VS228H is one of them. That’s pretty much all I have to say.

The Asus VS228H is a good product. It’s a screen. A flat screen. And it works.

I know this, because I have one myself. Although I haven’t used it in a year, it still works. No wonder: it’s a good product, after all.

The brightness is good. It doesn’t really matter exactly how bright the display is. What matters is that it’s enough. I believe the illumination to be even. At least I haven’ picked up on any irregularities.

The contrast of the Asus VS228H is good. That’s all you need to know. After all, you can’t compare your values to the manufacturer’s contrast value specs anyway.

The colours are good, too. The monitor can display multiple colours at the same time.

The design, you may have guessed it, is good. The monitor has a design. What kind isn’t really important. The main thing is, it has one.

Connection options are good. The Asus monitor not only has HDMI, but also DVI and VGA. This means you can also hook up old devices. Unlike your smartphone, it also has a headphone jack. No need to worry about HDMI 2.1 and the like. HDMI is HDMI.

When I got it, this screen cost almost 130 francs, and it's only eight years old. For just 140 francs, I’d part with it with a heavy heart. Unfortunately, our shop doesn’t allow the resale of slightly older (not ancient!) products.

You might be laughing now. But mark my words. Soon you’ll be on your knees begging me to sell you this screen. Not long before your desired super-duper 4K monitor won’t be available anymore. In other words: the moment you want to order it. All you’ll have then is your old, broken monitor. To repair it, you’ll order a screwdriver. But your courier won’t deliver it because his delivery truck needs a spare part that’s not available. This is because it contains a chip that’s no longer produced because the producing factory doesn’t have the resources. You won’t be able to get to the hardware store because the buses aren’t running due to staff shortages. In addition, there’s a looming electricity shortage if we don’t immediately start building lots of new nuclear power plants. But this can’t be done because of supply bottlenecks.

Yep, the world’s going to the dogs. There’s only one that’s unimpressed by all this, and that’s the Asus VS228H. Solid as a rock. A good rock at that.

Please note: all photos were taken with an old Nokia mobile phone. It’s not for sale.

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