Warranty provisions

Warranty information

Should a product prove defective and constitute a warranty claim, your customer account will be first point of contact. Click on "Orders" to view all order details and to obtain warranty information i.e. date of purchase, warranty period, service centre and warranty claim procedure. To ensure smooth processing, warranty claims must be registered in the online shop via the order or Returns and warranty. Please find all details in this return process.

Should the inspection of the defective product reveal that the repair is not covered by the warranty, you can issue a "repair order beyond warranty" at your own expense. If you decide not to do so, we will send the unrepaired article back to you or dispose of it. Any costs incurred for the inspection of the device may be charged to you.

Warranty information in your order history

If you bought the faulty product through our former online shop, please consult the warranty information in your order history. If your order history does not contain any further information, please contact our Customer service. We will provide you with the necessary information so that the item can be sent to the correct place as soon as possible.


Many manufacturers offer direct customer assistance via their service centre. If this is the case, we advise you to either directly send or drop off the article at the respective service centre. By doing so, you will benefit from faster warranty processing and the possibility to contact someone directly.

When returning an article, please pay close attention to the information provided in your customer account, enclose a precise description of the problem as well as the sales receipt and make sure to adequately package the article.

Further information about warranties and returns are available in our GTC.
See Warranty extensions for further information on optional warranty extensions.

Dead on arrival

Should a product prove defective from the very start, the so-called DOA warranty will usually apply to the majority of devices. This means that you are entitled to a replacement with a new device immediately after purchase. In order to claim this warranty, it is important that you inform us of any problem immediately after receipt of the goods. The respective DOA deadlines can be viewed in the product details.

Defect within the warranty period

Naturally, you are entitled to a device that is in full working order throughout the warranty period. In order to ensure this, repairs will be carried out in most cases. In this connection, we work together with certified service centres that carry out the repairs. Repairs generally take about 2–4 weeks. In certain cases, this period may be longer. Many service centres will accept direct shipments of the defective device, meaning that the item will not have to go through our returns department first. Go to your customer account to view which service centre is responsible for the product in question. Products that are repaired outside of the warranty period may be subject to a fee.