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    The company was founded by Hermann Dörr in 1973 under the company name Dörr Foto Marketing. Already more than 25 years ago we had modern viewfinders and reflex cameras of the brand "PETRI" ( Made in Japan ).

    The corresponding lenses from wide angle up to 500 mm TELE and excellent PANAGOR - Zoom's were our racers for many years. A wide range of SLR accessories with the world novelty "PANAGOR-MFS-Macro Focus System" has carried the enthusiasm for photography in the 70s.

    From the very beginning, OPTIK products such as binoculars and telescopes were also part of the product range in addition to photo products. Over the years, many new products have appeared under the DANUBIA brand. The range included tripods, flashguns, photo bags and aluminium cases.