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Rate the products you bought and help other customers make the right purchase decision! Keep it simple – your overall verdict will automatically be displayed as the title of your rating. Pros (+) and cons (–) are featured below the main text on the left hand side. The star rating of a product’s properties is displayed on the right hand side. This clear layout will provide you with an instant overview of all ratings.

The most helpful ratings automatically move to the very top of the list. Sometimes, a 5-star rating can be less helpful than a 1-star rating. That is why we display the most helpful positive and negative ratings opposite one another. This gives you an instant overview of the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Let us know which brand floats your boat by clicking on the "like" button in the brand view. For an instant overview of the respective brand’s best-rated categories and products, click on “brand ratings” at the top right in the brand view.

Subscribing to deals of the day

With a compatible device, your user account gives you the option to receive a push notification either at midnight, at 08:00 or at 12:00, informing you about the new deals of the day. Currently, Android devices as well as Google Chrome browsers running on an up-to-date Windows operating system are compatible.

Community guidelines

Got a question about a product? Have the answer to a question? Looking for a camera for your next holiday but don’t know enough about cameras? Become an active part of our Community and interact with other Community members and our staff. Please note that the following guidelines apply when interacting with other community members:

  • All contributions made must not be obscene, offensive, hateful, misleading, irrelevant or discriminatory. In the event of repeated violation of these guidelines, the Community team has the right to delete the affected posts without further comment.
  • Questions, answers and discussions must explicitly refer to the products and their function. General questions regarding personal orders, delivery times or prices are to be directed at our customer service.
  • The submission of advertising content, spam or the naming of other providers and their offers or links is not permitted. Private sales or service offerings are also prohibited.
  • Disclosing contact details of any kind (e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, addresses etc.) should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Product ratings should be written in an objective way and refer to the properties, functionalities, characteristics etc. of products. In case of any issues regarding delivery times and defects of any kind, please contact our customer service.

If the Community does not answer your question within a helpful period of time, our customer care team will do its very best to provide you with the information you need.

Once you have received an answer you are happy with, you can accept it and your question will be considered answered.

By publishing comments and contributions in our Community, you confirm to agree with the Community terms and conditions of Digitec Galaxus.

It’s worth being active

Prize draws of concert tickets, events, vouchers and much more regularly take place for active community members. See what prizes are up for grabs on the right hand side in the community view. We notify all winners by e-mail. Good luck!