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  • Clip Sport (8GB, Gelb)
  • Clip Sport (8GB, Gelb)
CHF 55.50
Sandisk Clip Sport (8GB, Gelb)

Bewertung zu Sandisk Clip Sport (8GB, Gelb).

User davidvand
Clip Sport (8GB, Gelb)

the good
The Mp3 player is very responsive and is...

the good
The Mp3 player is very responsive and is easy to navigate and control. I bought this primarely for sport and the clip has proven to be strong and deep enough not to creep or fall off. Its very light and does what it promises it can do. Connecting to the OS, Linux or Windows and uploading or deleting files is as simple as any other kind of external USB device. (No itune hassles as an example). The battery life seems very good and it seems to re-charge very fast.

The bad
Although there are many different sound settings, the music has to much base. Now base is good, but there should be differentiation between the highs and the lows. There is an equaliser that could fix this problem but have not had time to fiddle with it . The earphones pop into the ear and fit very snugly, but this also cause reverberation from the cable and every move while running is heard. Removing the earhone slightly away from the earhole does help a little and ensuring the cable is tucked away properly also helps. After sometime you do get used to it. I think in an aeroplane this feature could be very welcome as it blocks of the world around you very well. Worst case, purchase new headphones. It is a pity that the mp3 player is not water esistant

I think the quality for money spent is brilliant and I am very happy with it. Will probably change the headphones in the future for more sport type head phones.

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