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131A (Toner, Y, M, C)
CHF 226.–
HP 131A (Toner, Y, M, C)

Bewertung zu HP 131A (Toner, Y, M, C).

User lemanmicro

Really bad deal... but sometime you have no choice.

We are buying these cartridge from HP since a few years.

We are just a cash cow for HP. The price is always going up, sometime hidden by fake temporary discounts.

Lot of junk for a cartridge!

We have seen a strange thing. We always buy the 3 colours at the same time, even if we print more some colours than other.
We have bought around 10 set of the 3 colours and we are still aligned.

The conclusion is that HP is making sure that you replace your cartridge even if you still have ink inside.

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