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  • SL-C430W (Laser/LED, WLAN, Farbe)
  • SL-C430W (Laser/LED, WLAN, Farbe)
  • SL-C430W (Laser/LED, WLAN, Farbe)
CHF 158.–
Samsung SL-C430W (Laser/LED, WLAN, Farbe)

Bewertung zu Samsung SL-C430W (Laser/LED, WLAN, Farbe).

User Anonymous
SL-C430W (Laser/LED, WLAN, Farbe)

Good home office printer

Excellent color laser printer. Installed in less than 5 minutes both wired and over wifi with the provided software.
Printer wakes up quickly from standby, no problem here (with Windows 10).
Only negative point is that, as most of the laser printers, the shape is not the cube shown on the picture when you have paper loaded. The tray takes some extra space in front of the printer.

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