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  • ADS-2700W (Ethernet, WLAN, USB)
  • ADS-2700W (Ethernet, WLAN, USB)
  • ADS-2700W (Ethernet, WLAN, USB)
CHF 409.–
Brother ADS-2700W (Ethernet, WLAN, USB)

Bewertung zu Brother ADS-2700W (Ethernet, WLAN, USB).

User fabiosal65
ADS-2700W (Ethernet, WLAN, USB)

good but expensive

I haven't used much yet. It is what I were looking for.
A negative note is that, if you scan a double pages, the result is the second page 180 degrees rotated, so that you need to process the pdf file later. I haven't seen the setting on the scanner yet. You need anyway a software to precess the final file (insert/remove pages, rotate).
Quite expensive in my opinion.

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