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Velop Tri Band - 4er-Set
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Linksys Velop Tri Band - 4er-Set

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User czimm28
Velop Tri Band - 4er-Set

Confused? Doubtful? Rest easy - this is what you need.

You've been reading review after review, trying to decide whether MESH is for you and, if so, which product and whether it will outperform the other options, such as range extenders/boosters. You're confused by all the various benchmark tests and you don't know whether you can trust the product rating score across the websites. Rest assured - you can safely make this Linksys purchase...

Mine is a 1960s three-story house of 200m2. Thick walls, irregular room sizes and doors aplenty. Unfortunately, my modem/router has to stay in a cupboard in the basement. Until I made the change, I had two WiFi networks: one for the basement, one for the ground and first floor, because I could not get signal strength throughout the house. And even upstairs, I augmented the system through a patchwork of Airport products (Extreme and Express).

However, my family of four recently started complaining of WiFi cut-outs and slow speeds. I turned to this product for help.

Through the app-driven setup process, getting up and running is very, very easy. I was prompted with one "Oops, there seems to be a problem" message, but it was because I had not followed the simple instructions and, as soon as I did properly, the message was never repeated. Perhaps I was expecting too much, but setup was not as fast as I had read it might be. I had to wait a little longer than made me comfortable for each node (each WiFi "tower") to be "found", and then for the signal strength to be tested. But a little patience was all I needed, because everything moved along flawlessly.

Tip 1: disconnect your existing router before you start the setup. Then you can use your old network name and password. Everyone's devices will then work automatically, with no need to reconnect them to the network.

Tip 2: Ignore the online criticism about the app functionality. Unless you're a tech guru, it has all you need, including the ability to create a guest network and apply some parental controls.


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