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  • Clip Sport (8GB, Lime)
  • Clip Sport (8GB, Lime)
CHF 56.80
Sandisk Clip Sport (8GB, Lime)

Bewertung zu Sandisk Clip Sport (8GB, Lime).

User Dr_Watson
Clip Sport (8GB, Lime)

A step backwards!

Having owned a MP3 player many years ago when they were first released, I was pretty shocked after 30 mins of using this one.

It took me an hour get windows 10 to detect it, it still comes up with "this device has an error" when connecting.

The screen is horrible, if you use it in a car, it is unreadable, any natural light shining on the screen makes it very hard to read, the colours are washed out and the poor resolution doesn't help.

Every time I turn it on, the volume defaults to very quiet, turning the volume up then gives a message about high volumes can cause damage to your ears, you need to acknowledge this message every time.

If you are driving and want to change track, you need to look at the device to check what button to press, something like this should have a better design to operation without having to stare at it.

The menu system is poor, pressing the back button when in a menu takes you to the home screen, instead of back on page.

My MP3 player from 16 years ago, Nomad or iRiver had better buttons, a bright LED screen, was cheap and had a much more proffesional feel...no progress here.


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