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  • TY-70 Schnellwechselplatte
  • TY-70 Schnellwechselplatte
  • TY-70 Schnellwechselplatte
CHF 43.70
Sirui TY-70 Schnellwechselplatte

Bewertung zu Sirui TY-70 Schnellwechselplatte.

User Anonymous
TY-70 Schnellwechselplatte

2 holes are better than 1!

Sometimes my camera with a heavy lens was rotating on the plate's bolt instead of the tripod's head. This plate solved the problem.

With an additional bolt (not included) placed in the second hole, fits perfectly into 2 mounting points in Sigma 150-600mm collar's foot giving very stable base for the lens to mount on the tripod.


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