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X570 Aorus Ultra (AM4, AMD X570, ATX)
Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra (AM4, AMD X570, ATX)

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Very good motherboard with some extremely important remarks missing in the user's manual.

The BIOS of the Aorus Ultra does not have a single clue about the existence of the modern wireless module on the motherboard. If you happen to install Windows 10 in the Legacy mode, it will never be able to detect it. Such an accident may happen to you very fast, as one of their default "optimized" settings in the BIOS is the CSM Legacy Support enabled. You have to install the Windows OS absolutely in the UEFI Mode. Only the UEFI firmware is capable of detecting the wireless module correctly and dispaying the corresponding network adapters in the Windows Device Manager. This will save you a lot of trouble. Otherwise the motherboard including its very modern W-LAN/Bluetooth module is very good, and after flashing of the BIOS to the newest F11 version it works without any problems even with the newest 16-Core AMD Ryzen 9 3950 X processor.