• UAP-AC-IW (866Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)
  • UAP-AC-IW (866Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)
  • UAP-AC-IW (866Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)
CHF 95.–
Ubiquiti UAP-AC-IW (866Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)

Valutazione su Ubiquiti UAP-AC-IW (866Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s).

User marcaurele

Happy with the purchase

The unit is small and has now the holes to match a swiss plug, so it's simple to install. It replaces an old linksys router, but the range is less powerfull. I expected that and it's not an issue for my house.
I would like to be able to dim the led light during the night but it's not yet possible on the controller.

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