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MX Master 3 (Senza fili)
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Logitech MX Master 3 (Senza fili)


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Great wheels, working on a glass table, but the battery...

This is a great mouse, wonderful reviews around the web.
Design is beautiful, nice touch, the wheels put you on the next level.
And it's really working on a glass table!
It is working on linux except some initial setup issues
(bluetooth bug on kernel > 4.8), and requires logiops with some workarounds to support the extended gestures (logitech does not provide linux software).

However (yes, there is an however), battery last 18 days only with a full charge, not 70 as declared (8-9 hours per day as sysadmin usage).
I wonder what will happen to the battery in the next year..


  • Design
  • Features


  • Heavier than expected