• Quest 2 256 GB
  • Quest 2 256 GB
  • Quest 2 256 GB
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Oculus Quest 2 256 GB

Valutazione su Oculus Quest 2 256 GB.

User francesco314

Decent VR experience if you can afford it

There still isn't much content done well... but when it is, it's spectacular. Do try Vader Immortal. The Netflix app is the laziest thing I've seen, but, some shows do pop on a gargantuan virtual screen.
Could use more resolution though.
I did manage to connect the PC with wirelessly, but the lag isn't good. I mostly use the native games with no PC involved, quality can be good if they're .

All around it opens a lot of possibilities, but still feels beta or alpha technology in many places. Do your math if it's worth the price.

Ah and don't be all that afraid of skimping on storage, most native games are ~1GB or less, I don't see exceeding 64GB all that soon.

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