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TUF Gaming X570-Plus (AM4, AMD X570, ATX)
ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (AM4, AMD X570, ATX)

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An otherwise solid board that is almost ruined by the loud chipset fan

Stay clear of this board if you insist on a quiet computer.

The chipset cooling fan on this board is unacceptably loud. It runs at ~3000rpm, even though the chipset temp is only 37 degrees, and there is no way to control
the speed though the bios!! (version 1405)

I ended up just unplugging the fan and removing the shroud. This works fine so far. The chipset heatsink is warm to the touch, but it's certainly below 60 degrees, which should be fine.

Another negative is the Asus software that reports completely false CPU frequencies and voltages. Use the AMD Ryzen master utility instead...

Other than that, the board runs just fine