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XB3 Powerbank + Travel Charger Set (26000 mAh, 60 W)
Xtorm XB3 Powerbank + Travel Charger Set (26000 mAh, 60 W)

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    Works as expected, slightly deformed prongs on travel adapter

    Haven't really put it through its paces yet, but my first field test was successful - two phones and a small bluetooth speaker were quickly topped up and the powerbank had capacity to spare. The devices seem to charge up just as quickly as they otherwise do.
    My iPhone 7 didn't recognize the powerbank on the first try. After unplugging it and plugging it back in, it charged without issues. My laptop only recognizes the powerbank when it's connected via one of the short grey cables, which is clumsy if the table top is very small (like on a train).
    One of the prongs on the travel charger's adapter for Swiss sockets arrived bent inwards slightly. It still goes into the socket, but it's a tight fit and might cause damage over time. With the appropriate tools and skills, it could probably be easily adjusted.


    • Charges multiple devices quickly
    • Appears to be solidly built
    • Easy to use