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Alu Guard 2.5" SATA zu USB 3.0 (2.5")
CHF 24.40
Revoltec Alu Guard 2.5" SATA zu USB 3.0 (2.5")

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User pierre.maeder

Ist dieses Produkt bzw. dessen USB 3.0 Anschluss abwärtskompatibel (USB 2.0)?

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User Brimstone
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Ja, USB 3.0 ist abwärtskompatibel.

User Nosudrum

Is it compatible with a SATA3 2.5'' 750GB Hard Drive taken out of a Macbook Pro 13'' mid-2011 ?
I would like to put the old hard drive in this case and create a server for my local network...

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User Chrisjuon
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Yeah, that should work fine! We did the same.. removed the old HD and put an SSD in the MBP. The old HD works fine in the external case.