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4 Professional (USB, DE, Cavo, Cherry MX Brown)
CHF 174.–
Das Keyboard 4 Professional (USB, DE, Cavo, Cherry MX Brown)

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User Anonymous

Gibt es "Das Keyboard 4" auch mit CH Layout

Questa domanda è già stata posta per un'altra variante: 4 Professional (USB, US, Cavo, MX-Blue)

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User Alessandro Bottinelli
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Diese Tastatur ist leider nicht mit CH-Layout erhältlich.

User fm6976

I have seen that the layout of this keyboard is DE but the picture refers to the US layout. This means that it's possible to order the US layout instead of the German one? Thank you

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User Brimstone
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Illustrations of keyboards are usually just as the name implies an illustration from the manufacturer to showcase the product, so they dont have to make pictures of every different language layout. But yes, Digitec does offer this keyboard in the US layout -> Das Keyboard 4 Professional (USB, US, Kabel, MX-Brown)