• Il mio libro Duo (28TB)
  • Il mio libro Duo (28TB)
  • Il mio libro Duo (28TB)
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WD Il mio libro Duo (28TB)

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User jey-jey27

Betrug WD My Book Duo data forever lost if Drive Enclosure Dies!
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WD My Book Duo data forever lost if Drive Enclosure Dies!
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May '15
This is a huge issue and needs to be addressed.

I have spoken with a data recovery company, they have said that if your WD My Book Duo which has the “AES 256 Hardware encryption” feature, if the drive enclosure dies that your data will NOT be accessible even if your hard drives are in perfect working order.

Your data may be fine and dandy on your hard drives but you can not access it. Even if you are able to find and purchase another exact WD My Book Duo and put the drives in that, it will NOT work. This is because the hardware encryption is ALWAYS used, even if you never attempt to use the WD Security app to enable “password” protection. This fact is NEVER made clear in ANY WD documentation anywhere!

I hope Western Digital can provide a way in firmware updates to either DISABLE the always on hardware encryption, or to at least give us the ability to EXPORT/SAVE the encryption KEY that the device is using to encrypt the data, and provide for us a SOFTWARE utility which will enable us to use that KEY to read our hard drives even if the “Enclosure” stops working.

Here is a similar related post that has not been responded to:


It does not help that some well respected “REVIEW” sites have done really pathetic reviews of this product which are more like infomercials saying that they observed no performance drop with encryption enabled or disabled, and of course they did not because they did not know that “encryption” was/is ALWAYS on regardless of whether they enable “security password key” or not. They assumed like most reasonable users would that encryption is enabled only when a password/key is set not that its ALWAY

WD My Book Duo data forever lost if Drive Enclosure Dies!

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