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Beyerdynamic Custom Game

Valutazione su Beyerdynamic Custom Game.

User thibaultsavary

Just buy it, big shout out to Beyerdynamic for their whole line of headphones

Good sound quality, not as good as the Beyerdynamic 990PRO in term of stereo width but for a closed headphone it's pretty good, I particularly like the 4 bass setting, I use it either as 2 or 3 depending on the use (vocal discussion or music). Ohm-ing is good for use with integrated sound card. Microphone quality is pretty good and doesn't take noise from brown switch mechanical keyboard which is really really good, noise floor is low enough for vocal detection not to cut the begining of your setences if well set up.
Overall I think it's one of the very best headset available on the market for both it's sound quality and microphone sensibility.
I would highly recommand this headset to anyone looking for a wired headset to use either with integrated sound card or higher end device like RME UCX.
You get a TRRS + Microphone/Headphone split cable extension as well as a 6.35mm adapter for use with professionnal sound card.

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