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  • Define R5 Black (Torre Midi)
  • Define R5 Black (Torre Midi)
  • Define R5 Black (Torre Midi)
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Fractal Define R5 Black (Torre Midi)

Valutazione su Fractal Define R5 Black (Torre Midi).

Define R5 Black (Torre Midi)

For a silent PC, the most important thing are the ...

For a silent PC, the most important thing are the fans (BeQuiet and Noctua are both solid bets). You also want to have software based control (e.g. via motherboard).

Building: The case helps in that it is spacious, has a great cable management, and comes with a manual easy to understand

Materials: heavy, solid built case. Front door is a bit plasticky, but still sturdy. You can change the direction it opens, and it does reduce the noise coming from the interior.

Cooling: l have reduced the CPU temperatures in 8º to 10º (front door close) compared to previous 'open' case. The larger space for air to circulate and 140mm fans make a difference.

Noise (please note l wanted a silent PC, not just a quiet one): if your system is not quiet, the case won't do miracles. You'll always cut down more noise installing quality fans, than buying this case.

Stock fans: they're ok. They move a good quantity of air, and don't get loud at max. speed. For the back fan, l had to install a 'low noise adaptor', otherwise the system was less quiet than the previous one. l bought a Noctua NF-A14 to put it on the back.

Fan controller: it works as expected and it's super easy to install. Problem is fans spin too fast even at min. speed (which doesn't help cutting down noise). l'd use motherboard control instead.

- rubber grommets to prevent vibrations from HDDs and power supply
- Dust filters: one for the entire bottom surface, easily removed from the front; another for the front intake (easily removeable).
- Unfortunately, no dust filters for side panel or top panels ('ModuVent')

Picture of my system:


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