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Best motherboard for Ryzen 5950x

I've bought a Ryzen 5950x and 3 x Samsung 980 Pro M2.

My goal is to build a computer able to run as many VMs as possible on Hyper-V.

I need your advice on selecting:
- the motherboard (with 3 x M2 slots). I still cannot decide between ASRock / ASUS or Gigabyte. I don't need any RGB.
- the RAM: I'll put 128 Gb (4 * 32 Gb) - DDR4 / 3600 / CAS14? G.Skill or HyperX?
- the case: I don't know but I just need enough space to put at least 4/5 SSD in addition to the M2s. I'll use a NZXT Kraken X73. Which one would you recommend?
- the graphic card: I want to be able to read 4K video but I won't play with this computer (PS5 is enough :)). I'll use nVidia... maybe 2060 or else? Brand is also a problem.

Can you help me selecting the right parts for my computer please?
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