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AKG Pro K701


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Not suitable for mixing or monitoring as claimed!

Despite the many great reviews and recommendations, these headphones are unsuitable for mixing and monitoring. They produce an incorrect soundscape. They are not neutral or flat for professional purposes. The trebles are sparkling and emphasized, and bass frequencies weaker than they should be. The fatal flaw is that they will cause you to boost frequencies that will dominate other important frequencies that provide clarity and definition. When mixing with these headphones, you could create what sounds incredibly beautiful, but once you play the same music on professional studio monitors or even hifi speakers, everything will be badly muffled. Your music will be destroyed! The only thing I found them to be good for due to their emphasis on treble frequencies, is identifying any occurrence of clipping and unwanted noise from recordings that you would tend to miss using studio monitoring speakers. 


  • Useful for identifying clipping and noise
  • Comfortable for long hours of continuous use


  • Not suitable for professional mixing
  • Distorted emphasis on treble
  • Distorts soundscape by suppression of bass frequencies