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Case (iPhone 11 Pro)
Quad Lock Case (iPhone 11 Pro)

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Love it: worth the weight added to the phone

My phone's been in this case permanently for two months and I'm happy. So easy to attach it to the bike when I want to, so easy to forget when I'm not cycling. Sure, it adds weight and extra dimensions to the device - my iPhone 11 Pro weighs 230.7g now, but I still carry it in my front jeans pocket when I'm out and about: it slides in and out of the pocket easily and I can place the phone screen down without worrying about any scratching, thanks to the raised lip around the front edge.
If I dropped the phone in this case (hasn't happened yet), I'd feel confident that the device would be very well protected.
Would definitely choose the Quad Lock system again if I was starting again.


  • Solid and comfortable
  • Protects efficiently
  • Black rubbery material doesn't show fingerprints easily


  • Makes your device heavier