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216 (2.40", Double SIM, 0.30Mpx, Black)
CHF 60.90
Nokia 216 (2.40", Double SIM, 0.30Mpx, Black)

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1 avis sur Nokia 216 (2.40", Double SIM, 0.30Mpx, Black)

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216 (2.40", Double SIM, 0.30Mpx, Black)

Good if you need dual SIM with extra features, otherwise go with Nokia 150 Dual SIM

This phone has a lot more features than simpler models (like Nokia 108 or 150), including an Opera browser, Bing, Facebook, app store, notes, voice recoder... (Most of which I will never use.)
The dual SIM works nicely, but the settings are a bit scattered (Nokia 150 dual SIM was more streamlined). The phone can connect with my Bluetooth headphones to listen to music and take calls. It can even register next/previous/pause track via Bluetooth.
Three games are pre-installed, Asphalt 6, Block Breaker 3 and Spiderman, but only Blockbreaker you can play unlimited without buying the full version.


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