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One (iOS) (24Mpx, 30p)
CHF 359.–
Insta360 One (iOS) (24Mpx, 30p)

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2 avis sur Insta360 One (iOS) (24Mpx, 30p)

User richardrasu68
One (iOS) (24Mpx, 30p)

Nice, small light, easy-ish to use.

Not bad. Relatively easy to use. Software provided could be better but isn't totally useless & undoubtedly will improve with time. Limited use without the accessories (eg stick, underwater housing etc) which are still a few weeks away, it seems. Camera Tripod mounts work, but is a bit wobbly due to a tiny gap between base and mount. Connecting and using it with a phone is.. well you have to be careful and definitely don't want to shake it about too much - there's room here for some kind of clip-on holder or even a combination case for phone and camera.

Definitely not unhappy with it - it does exactly what I bought it for.


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